Green coffee

Being the first green coffee drink launched in France, GR'IN offers a 100% natural alternative to industrial and often chemical energy drinks. But what do you know exactly about green coffee...?

A shrub of tropical regions

Coffee tree (latin name Coffea arabica) is a perennial evergreen shrub of the Rubiaceae family. Originally from Ethiopia, the coffee tree can reach 10 meters in height in the wild. It is particularly adapted to tropical areas where it is grown for…coffee production.

After planting, the coffee tree takes 4 years before producing its first red berries called ‘drupes’. It is these kinds of ‘cherries’ that each contain two seeds, the famous coffee beans. To release these grains, the berries are dried in the sun. Then we get the green coffee beans.

At GR’IN, we have chosen to use 100% Arabica green coffee grown in Mexico on small farms where producers are fairly compensated. Besides the variety, the terroir, the cultivation method and the technique of harvesting and drying contribute greatly to the aroma released by the coffee grain.

What about the caffeine?

Like roasted coffee, green coffee contains caffeine. But since it has not been subjected to the attack of roasting (process where the coffee grain is burned), it acts differently on the body. The caffeine of green coffee is absorbed more slowly by the body and gives energy smoothly without the famous “peak” of the coffee called ‘black’. Since ancient times, green coffee has been consumed in order to give energy and improve cognitive abilities. In other words, green coffee caffeine helps keep you awake and focused.